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How can the Rasoi Magic products have such a long shelf life without preservatives?

Ans -

Like other spices Rasoi Magic is processed in a natural way. We adopt stringent quality control measures. We have consciously not made Rasoi Magic in paste form to preserve its freshness. Hence all Rasoi Magic spice mixes are available in powder form only. High quality packaging material used by Rasoi Magic provides protection against moisture and sunlight in normal conditions.

Can we keep the partly used opened packet for next use, if yes how?

Ans -

You can keep partly used packet in airtight container in a cool dry place, preferably in refrigerator. Do not keep it in open condition as product may absorb moisture. Open spice mixes also attract insects.

Since your products say Ready To Cook, do we have to add anything?

Ans -

Yes, Rasoi Magic products are not like normal spices. These are advanced products. You have to add only the fresh ingredient like vegetables, paneer, tomatoes etc. as per instructions given on the packs.

Can we make a dish more or less pungent/ spicy (hot in taste). If yes how?

Ans -

To make a dish more pungent/ spicy (hot) add some extra red chilli powder. To make its less pungent/spicy, increase the quantity of fresh ingredients such as vegetables, paneer, tomatoes etc. If you are increasing or reducing the pungency, don't forget to add the salt to taste.

Which are the factors that may change the taste of a dish made from Rasoi Magic?

Ans -

We have an elaborate research and development procedure which tries to make a product foolproof. We do a lot of experiments before finalizing the product contents so that irrespective of minor changes in cooking style, the final dish should come to acceptable standard. But following factors may affect the taste :

  • Unripe tomatoes - dish may become sour.
  • Sour curd (Yogurt) - dish may become sour.
  • Improper frying of tomato paste - will result into sourness and raw taste of tomatoes.
  • Frying of spice mix paste for insufficient time, spices may not get cooked fully and may affect the taste.
  • Insufficient time to sauté vegetables - may give the raw taste of the vegetables.

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